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20 Feb 2019
2 Kings 18
When King Hezekiah put God first, he experienced the miracles and blessings of God. But later in life the success and exaltation he received resulted in pride and ultimately the future destruction of the kingdom....
13 Feb 2019
2 Kings 11 - 17
Israel's Northern Kingdom was determined to test God's patience, ignore His prophets, and disobey His commands and as a result they became as corrupt as the Canaanites and were later...
28 Nov 2018
2 Kings 8
How good it is to know that God's Word is certain, and that it will be fulfilled to the smallest detail. In his Thru the Bible study in 2 Kings...
14 Nov 2018
2 Kings 5-7
Faith sees difficulties as opportunities for God's glory. Here are a few more nuggets from Pastor Jason Huffman's Thru the Bible study in 2 Kings 5-7: God gets Himself glory...
7 Nov 2018
2 Kings 2-4
When we are in need, God will ask us, "What do you have?" We may think we don't have what it takes, but the Lord will miraculously work with what...
24 Oct 2018
1 Kings 21 - 22
What was God's response when the thoroughly wicked King Ahab chose to humble himself before God? Ahab found mercy! Pastor Brian Brodersen in his Thru the Bible study in 1 Kings 21-22...
17 Oct 2018
1 Kings 19 - 20
As God did for Elijah, He will speak a special word to us in our times of trial. Pastor Jarrett Petero, in his Thru the Bible study in 1 Kings 19-20, shares...
10 Oct 2018
1 Kings 17-18
Elijah the prophet experienced God as Jehovah Jireh, the God who provides. Pastor Jarrett Petero in his Thru the Bible study in 1 Kings 17-18 challenges us to follow Elijah's example of...
3 Oct 2018
1 Kings 15-16
19 Sep 2018
1 Kings 13-14
We can be completely confident in the fact that no one with a heart for God will be overlooked by God. In his Thru the Bible teaching in 1 Kings 13-14 on the...
12 Sep 2018
1 Kings 10-12
God is good, and He wants to do good and bless His people. To receive these good blessings, all Solomon and Jeroboam needed to do was to obey. Unfortunately, they...
5 Sep 2018
1 Kings 3 - 9
As He did with Solomon, God will also give us the supernatural gift of wisdom in response to a problem. Pastor Brian Brodersen in his Thru the Bible study in...
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