Thru The Bible


3 Nov 2021
A Creative Minority
When we live distinctly as the people of God, especially in the vision of the Sermon on the Mount, it brings this disruptive witness. When we live this way, we...
27 Oct 2021
The People of God and Our Disruptive Witness
Pastor Char Brodersen, in his continuation of our study through the book of Daniel, shares that Yahweh goes into captivity with His people to show His great power and His...
20 Oct 2021
Daniel 7
Pastor Brian Brodersen continues our Thru the Bible series with his message from Daniel 7. We are reminded that the world is still in need of Jesus. Our challenge is...
13 Oct 2021
Daniel 6
Don’t forget! It is possible to enjoy the realities of the kingdom despite what’s going on around us. As we enjoy these realities, we can spread the kingdom out further...
6 Oct 2021
Daniel 5
We need to remember that God will either stop the storm or He will walk with us through it. This should be our understanding as we navigate difficult seasons of...
29 Sep 2021
Daniel 4
The Most High God tells us of the absolute sovereignty of our God over all the earth. Pastor Brian Brodersen takes us through Daniel 4 as he furthers our study...
22 Sep 2021
Daniel 3
“As we stand for the LORD and refuse to compromise, we do it knowing that God will comfort us. As hard times unfold before us we have confidence to know...
15 Sep 2021
Daniel 2
“I thank and praise you, God of my ancestors!” (Daniel 2:23) is what we ought to cry out to the Lord when He answers our prayer. We thank Him and...
8 Sep 2021
Daniel 1
Pastor Brian Brodersen begins our study through the book of Daniel. We can glean from the determination of Daniel and the exiles as they remained faithful to God in the...
23 Jun 2021
Joel 1–3
Pastor Brian Brodersen takes us on a journey through the book of Joel. We are to thank God for dreams, visions, prophecy, and for the day of judgement where all...
16 Jun 2021
Hosea 8-14
Pastor Brian continues to take us through the book of Hosea. He encourages us to take a serious look at our prayer lives. We need to dig deep and deal...
2 Jun 2021
Intro to Hosea
Pastor Brian Brodersen takes us through an introduction and the first few chapters of the book of Hosea. He walks us through the land of Israel, the charge of Israel...
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