Community Groups


Community Groups are our way of cultivating relationships, spiritual growth, and participating in mission together. They work alongside and supplement the things God uniquely does in our congregational gatherings. Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa hosts diverse types of medium and small community groups, for diverse kinds of people, in diverse situations in life.

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Check out the wide range of medium and small group opportunities below. Click on the group you are interested in for more information or fill out the interest form below. 

Home Groups: These groups meet weekly in homes across Orange County to develop relationships and spiritual growth and to cultivate participation on mission together. 

Women's Groups: These groups meet on Friday mornings, beginning on September 30, and Tuesday evenings, beginning October 4. These groups will be discussing lessons and teaching on the book of Elisha & Elijah this year. 

Men's Groups: Our Men’s groups meet weekly on Tuesday nights throughout Orange County to explore the Word of God, forge new friendships, and worship the Lord.

OPEN Young Adults Group: This community is meant to be open to all young adults who want to come learn more about Jesus. They meet on Thursday nights at 7 PM.

Vintage Life 50+ Group: This community is for anyone over 50 to join. We meet on Monday nights at 6:30PM.

Veterans Group: A community for veterans and service members, to support and encourage them to persevere through their hardships and struggles on Fridays at 7 PM. 

Care Ministries: This community is focused on care and support. Groups include:
    - Celebrate Recovery   
    - GriefShare
    - Cancer Prayer Support
    - Assisted Living

Prayer Groups: We offer a variety of prayer meetings during the week. These are times to get together before the Lord and fellowship in prayer.

Teams: Find community by serving on a team. Some options include: Greeters, Coffee, Kids' Chuch, Grocery Distributions, and more.

Youth: Our youth ministries (High School & Jr. High) offer small group opportunities to foster friendships and personal growth as well as studies on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights.

Missions Groups: We have various groups that meet in their own languages, including:
    - Spanish
    - Japanese
    - Arabic
    - Korean

Active Interest Group: This is a fun ministry set up to encourage community and fellowship. Our events are geared toward people of all ages and fitness levels.

Art Interest Group: Find a community with shared interests. Once a month, our Arts Community offers a place for creatives to fellowship and collaborate.



Hannah Cottage
Director of Connect & Teams
I facilitate EQUIP training, ministry teams, and resources for church members who seek to grow in their relationship with Christ. I love being able to help people identify their God-given gifts and passions in order to serve Christ and one another.
Craig Coffin
Men's Groups
Our Men’s Ministry gathers weekly to study through the Word. These meetings give the men of our church a place for transparency and accountability while also exhorting them to walk with God.  We host a men’s conference, men’s retreats, and quarterly potlucks.
Angie Emma
Women's Groups
I serve in the women's ministry organizing and overseeing our Joyful Life Bible Study. I also have the joy of working with teams to plan and prepare for other women's events.
Jim Kuehnert
50+ Vintage Life Group
As an ordained pastor here at CCCM, I have the privilege of leading the Vintage Life Fellowship, which involves teaching God’s Word at our weekly fellowship meetings, orchestrating monthly events, retreats, and annual trips. I have also been teaching a weekly Monday morning Bible study since 2009.
Julian Duguid
Prayer Groups
I serve with the pastoral team of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa involving care of the Costa Mesa family. I also teach a Bible study in the Fellowship Hall, lead in prayer, lecture at the Bible College, and offer pastoral care to the students.
John Chubik
Missions Groups
I work together with the missions staff to encourage and support the church’s 160+ missionaries.
Tami McKeown
Active Interest Group
I facilitate monthly group hikes as part of the active ministry group! 
Cameron Franklin
Youth: Jr High
Josh Erdtsieck
Youth: High School
I have the privilege of shepherding the high school students here at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. I’m involved in everything from preaching Sundays and Wednesdays to counseling individual students. I work alongside the church and the school to lead and guide all of the students in becoming more like Jesus. 
Romy Godding
Arts Community
Neil v2
Neil Godding
Arts Community
I prepare curriculum, teach classes, and disciple students at School of Worship & Media Arts. I also oversee and host the Arts Community monthly gathering (along with my wife, Romy).
Hwang John 1
John Hwang
Open Young Adults Group
Thom Walker
Home Groups
0016 Correa Alec
Alec Correa
Axios Veterans Ministry
I have the privilege to help support and serve in multiple ministries at the church, including OPEN (Young Adults), Care Counseling, teaching at our CC Bible College, caring for the main body of CCCM on Sundays and Wednesdays, as well as ministering to veterans attending CCCM.
0001 Steven Landis
Steven Landis
Axios Veterans Ministry
Currently, I have the honor and flexibility of supporting multiple ministries including OPEN (the Young Adults community), counseling, serving during our weekly gatherings, and teaching at the Calvary Chapel Bible College.
thumbnail kory copy
Kory Gaviria
Open Young Adults
I have the honor of leading OPEN, our Young Adults community, here at CCCM. I also teach at our School of Worship and serve on the worship team for our weekly gatherings.