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26 Apr 2017
Artifacts of the Tabernacle
Each of us is near and dear to God's heart, and we're precious in His sight. We can come boldly into His throne of grace. In his Thru-the-Bible study in Exodus 25-31,...
29 Mar 2017
Exodus 20-24
It is amazing to think that the Ten Commandments given to Moses were restated by Jesus in the New Testament. The first four commands deal with our relationship to God;...
22 Mar 2017
Exodus 16-19
Pastor Brian Brodersen challenges us that if we look forward in faith, we won't look back with regret. He continues the Thru the Bible series on Exodus 16-19 by declaring...
8 Mar 2017
Exodus 12-15
It is good to know that the same God who parted the Red Sea is our God. In his Thru the Bible teaching on Exodus 12-15, Pastor Brian Brodersen shares that just...
22 Feb 2017
Exodus 8-11
Exodus 8-11 shows us that the plagues were a fulfillment of God's promise of judgment upon Pharaoh and the gods of Egypt. In Pastor Brian Brodersen's Thru the Bible teaching, we also...
15 Feb 2017
Exodus 4-7
Pastor Brian Brodersen continues his Thru the Bible series in Exodus 4-7 by showing us that when God calls us to do what we thought we could never do, He will supernaturally...
8 Feb 2017
Exodus 1-3
Pastor Brian Brodersen begins Exodus as we continue in this Thru the Bible series. As Pastor Brian explains, there arose a new king in Egypt who did not know Joseph and his...
18 Jan 2017
Genesis 49-50
In this Thru the Bible study in Genesis 49-50, Pastor Brian Brodersen focuses on the life of Joseph and how he is a type of Christ. As it did for Joseph, the...
4 Jan 2017
Genesis 37-49
The life of Joseph is one of the best illustrations of God's promise in Romans 8:28 that, "...All things work together for good..." In Pastor Brian Brodersen’s Thru the Bible overview of...
21 Dec 2016
Genesis 32-36
God had to teach Jacob that God's way is never through the thicket of man's cunning or devices. In this Thru the Bible study in Genesis 32-36, Pastor Brian Brodersen uses the...
14 Dec 2016
Genesis 28
Giving to God through our tithes is a privilege. It is a joy to think that we get to participate in what God is doing. This and other blessings are...
30 Nov 2016
Genesis 24-28
Our God is a personal God. There is nothing too insignificant to ask Him. In this Thru the Bible study in Genesis 24-28, we will see this very thing in...
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