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27 May 2020
Isaiah 54-57
God invites all of us in His Word to come to Him and receive the thirst-quenching gift of eternal life. In his Thru the Bible study in Isaiah 54-57, Pastor...
20 May 2020
Isaiah 6
In his vision, Isaiah saw the glorious splendor of the majesty of Jesus our Savior. In his Thru the Bible study on Isaiah 6, South African pastor Julian Duguid shares...
13 May 2020
Isaiah 52-53
Why would Jesus, the innocent Suffering Servant, pay the ultimate price for guilty sinners? For love! In his Thru the Bible study in Isaiah 52-53, Pastor Brian Brodersen declares that...
6 May 2020
Isaiah 50-51
God speaks in His Word and we can ask God to speak to us personally through His Word. In his Thru the Bible study in Isaiah 50-51, Pastor Brian Brodersen...
29 Apr 2020
Isaiah 48-49
Isaiah prophetically declared that because of God's love for us, He permanently inscribed us on His hands at the cross! Pastor Brian Brodersen, in his Thru the Bible message on...
22 Apr 2020
Isaiah 46-47
The idols people worship and serve today may be sophisticated but they still need to be carried, all the while crushing those who carry them. In his Thru the Bible...
15 Apr 2020
Isaiah 44-45
No one can tell God what to do. God does what He wants and what He wants is good, because He is good. Pastor Brian Brodersen, in his Thru the...
8 Apr 2020
Isaiah 42:10-43
As helpless as we may feel in the midst of our global distress and difficulties, there is nothing too hard for our All-powerful God. In his Thru the Bible study...
1 Apr 2020
Isaiah 41-42:1-9
God says to us as He did through Isaiah, "Fear Not. I will help you!" In his Thru the Bible study in Isaiah 41 - 42:1-9, Pastor Brian Brodersen shares...
25 Mar 2020
Isaiah 40
The life of faith is living in an expectation of God. As He gives us promises from His Word, we trust and rely upon Him to do what He promised...
18 Mar 2020
Isaiah 36 - 39

In these times of uncertainty the Lord tells us as He did the Jews: “Do not be afraid. I am on your side. It is going to be OK. Trust...
26 Feb 2020
Isaiah 13-23
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