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2 May 2018
1 Samuel Overview
When the Spirit of God comes upon us, we are to do just what He leads us to do. We see that this is what Samuel said to Saul in Pastor...
18 Apr 2018
The book of Ruth is called gem of the Bible. Not only does this little four chapter Old Testament book form a link between the books of Judges and 1...
14 Mar 2018
Judges 13-16
In his Thru the Bible study in the Old Testament, Pastor Brian Brodersen looks at the amazing, fascinating, perplexing and sometimes disturbing story of Samson found in Judges chapters 13-16.
7 Mar 2018
Judges 6-9
The story of Gideon is an amazing as well as a cautionary tale. In his Thru the Bible study in the book of Judges, Pastor Brian Brodersen focuses on the great lessons...
21 Feb 2018
Overview of Judges
Do you want a big picture look at the book of Judges? That is exactly what Pastor Brian Brodersen shows us as he continues his Thru the Bible overview of...
14 Feb 2018
Joshua 10-24
In his final Thru the Bible study in the Old Testament book of Joshua, Pastor Brian Brodersen completed the book with a quick overview of chapters 10-24 by looking at the battles...
7 Feb 2018
Joshua 6
Within these chapters, we see the children of Israel experience great highs and great lows: the victory at Jericho and the defeat at Ai. We also see what happens when...
24 Jan 2018
Joshua 1-4
God has mercy on and saves those who want to be saved. We see this lived out in Pastor Brian Brodersen's Thru the Bible study in Joshua 1-4. From these...
17 Jan 2018
Overview of Joshua
As God promised Joshua that He be with him as He had been with Moses, so too God promises to be with us! In his Thru the Bible study, Pastor Brian Brodersen...
20 Dec 2017
The Pentateuch
The main thrust of Scripture is redemption. We see this confirmed in Pastor Brian Brodersen's Thru the Bible overview of the first five books of the Bible, the Pentateuch. In this message...
15 Dec 2017
Deuteronomy 31-32
Moses represented the law, but the law cannot get us into the promised land. However Joshua, or Yeshua (Jesus), is the one God used to take us into all the...
29 Nov 2017
Deuteronomy 27-30
To choose Christ is to choose life! The blessings and cursing found in Deuteronomy 27-30 applied specifically to Israel, but there is also an application for us today. Pastor Brian...
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