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19 Sep 2018
1 Kings 13-14
We can be completely confident in the fact that no one with a heart for God will be overlooked by God. In his Thru the Bible teaching in 1 Kings 13-14 on the...
12 Sep 2018
1 Kings 10-12
God is good, and He wants to do good and bless His people. To receive these good blessings, all Solomon and Jeroboam needed to do was to obey. Unfortunately, they...
5 Sep 2018
1 Kings 3 - 9
As He did with Solomon, God will also give us the supernatural gift of wisdom in response to a problem. Pastor Brian Brodersen in his Thru the Bible study in...
22 Aug 2018
1 Kings Overview
Pastor Brian Brodersen continues in the Thru the Bible series in an overview of the book of I Kings. As King David’s life was ending, we see a picture of...
15 Aug 2018
2 Samuel 21-24
As Pastor Jarrett Petero covers 2 Samuel 21-24 in the Thru the Bible series, we see the theme of God’s faithfulness on David’s life, even through his sin. In these...
8 Aug 2018
2 Samuel 15-20
Pastor Jarrett Petero continues in the Thru the Bible series as he covers 2 Samuel 15-20. Through these chapters, we see how the root of bitterness and revenge through Absalom’s...
1 Aug 2018
2 Samuel 12-14
Sin will always be found out. There may be a period of silence where it appears to be forgotten, but sin has a way of being exposed one day. In...
18 Jul 2018
2 Samuel 7-11
The Bible warns of the deceitfulness of sin. Sin blinds, hardens, and brings us to a place where we do things we never thought we would do, as happened with...
11 Jul 2018
2 Samuel Overview
A lack of worship produces barrenness, but a heart of worship produces fruit. In his Thru the Bible teaching on 2 Samuel 2-6, Pastor Brian Brodersen continues to share key...
20 Jun 2018
1 Samuel 28 - 2 Samuel 1
God is the Lord over the law of sowing and reaping. It is He that saves and cancels debt. Pastor Brian Brodersen in his Thru the Bible teaching on 1 Samuel 28...
13 Jun 2018
1 Samuel 23-27
Rather than take matters into his own hands, David was convinced that he could trust God to deliver him. And God did! Pastor Brian Brodersen, in his Thru the Bible study in...
6 Jun 2018
1 Samuel 18-22
The willful disobedience of Saul's sin hardened his heart and induced an irrational insanity in his mind. Let us not be like Saul, rather today, if we hear God's voice,...
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