Jesus Christ - Son of God - Savior

Pastor Brian Brodersen taught a series of studies in the book of Mark entitled, "Jesus Christ - Son of God - Savior."



7 Apr 2019
The Greatest in the Kingdom
God’s kingdom is very different than any other. In other kingdoms, greatness is defined by power and ruling over others. Those of God’s kingdom are marked by serving others. In...
31 Mar 2019
Faith, Power, and Prayer
How do we increase our faith? Jesus said it is by prayer. It is the link to faith manifesting itself in power. In his message titled, "Faith, Power, and Prayer"...
24 Mar 2019
Moses, Elijah, & Jesus
What God said on the Mount of Transfiguration, “This is My beloved Son. Hear Him!” defines our message and ministry today. In his message titled, "Moses, Elijah, and Jesus" taken from Mark 9.2-13, Pastor Brian Brodersen...
10 Mar 2019
Losing and Finding Your Life
We are in the midst of a national and personal identity crisis. In his message titled, "Losing and Finding Your Life" from Mark 8:27-38, Pastor Brian Brodersen shares that Jesus said if we...
3 Mar 2019
Why It Had To Be So
The word 'must' in Mark 8:31 is a divine imperative. Jesus said He MUST suffer, be rejected, killed, and rise again. Why did it have to be this way? So that...
24 Feb 2019
The Messiah
Our world has a massive Messianic complex. People are continually looking for someone to fix society's problems. But there is only one Messiah and He is Jesus! In his message...
17 Feb 2019
A Work In Progress
God is taking us through the process of sanctification to make us like Jesus. It may be slow but God will get us through. So we need patience for others...
10 Feb 2019
The Unconventional Ways of Jesus
Jesus works unconventionally and is not tied to any one way of doing His works among men. Also God often uses out-of-box people. Pastor Brian Brodersen in his message titled, "The...
3 Feb 2019
The Heart of the Problem
“What is wrong with the world? …I am.” Pastor Brian quotes G.K. Chesterton as he dives into this study on Mark 7:18-23.  Jesus wants to take away our sin and...
16 Dec 2018
The Bread From Heaven
The discontentment and longing inside of us, that sense of being unable to find what we are looking for, is all indicative of our soul's deep need to know God....
9 Dec 2018
The Compassionate Shepherd
We may think God's attitude towards sinners is primarily anger, wrath, and judgement. Not so. As we look at Jesus, we see God's predominant attitude is love, mercy, and compassion....
2 Dec 2018
Jesus and the Desperate
In an overwhelmingly desperate situation, when it seems there is nowhere to turn, Jesus says to us, "Do not be afraid; only believe!" In his message titled, "Jesus and the...
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