Jesus Christ - Son of God - Savior

Pastor Brian Brodersen taught a series of studies in the book of Mark entitled, "Jesus Christ - Son of God - Savior."



25 Nov 2018
Jesus, Men, and Demons
When a culture removes itself from the influence of God, they open themselves up to demonic powers. Pastor Brian Brodersen, in his message titled, "Jesus, Men, and Demons," taken from...
18 Nov 2018
Jesus and the Storm
Why would Jesus lead us into a storm like He did to the disciples long ago on the Sea of Galilee? Pastor Brian Brodersen in his message from Mark 4:35-41...
11 Nov 2018
Kingdom Parables
What is the key to understanding the Word of God? To take heed to what we hear and how we hear it. In his message titled, "Kingdom Parables" taken from...
4 Nov 2018
The Gospel Seed
The seed of God’s Word has been cast upon our hearts. Will the devil snatch it away? Will heated trials destroy it? Will the weeds of the world choke it?...
28 Oct 2018
The Unforgivable Sin
What is the unpardonable sin? To reject the One who bore the punishment of our sin in order to forgive us. In his message titled, "The Unpardonable Sin" taken from...
21 Oct 2018
Called and Appointed
God calls all kinds of radically diverse people. He then blows up their prejudices and brings them together to serve Him. This demonstrates the power of the gospel. Pastor Brian...
7 Oct 2018
The New Wine
God often chooses those who seem furthest from His kingdom. With His almighty power, the Lord draws them to Himself, breaks the chains of old habits and customs, and makes...
23 Sep 2018
The Deeper Need
Jesus shows us what we really need. He goes beyond the physical, emotional, and material needs and addresses our spiritual need. Pastor Brian Brodersen, in his message titled, "The Deeper...
16 Sep 2018
The Forward Motion of the Kingdom
The ministry of Jesus was based in prayer, focused on preaching and carried out in power. These three elements are still essential components in the forward motion of the kingdom...
9 Sep 2018
The Authority of Jesus
With certainty and without ambiguity, Jesus answers the vital questions of life: How did we get here? What is the meaning of life? What is in store for the future?...
2 Sep 2018
Fishers for Men
It is vitally important that the disciples of Jesus live out their faith in the privacy of their home and in the public square. Pastor Brian Brodersen in his message...
26 Aug 2018
The Gospel of Jesus Christ
We are more sinful, wicked, broken, and powerless to change than we want to believe. But we are more loved, cherished, and longed for by God than we can possibly...
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