Flourishing are the Pure in Heart

Char Brodersen
July 30, 2023

Pastor Char continues our Sermon on the Mount series by expanding on what it means to be pure in heart. He paraphrases Matthew 5:8 this way: Those who are flourishing are pure at the center, whole in their person. This whole person transformation is to be the primary object of our attention and our disciplines, and the result will be that our inward will match our outward. The promise to us, as we seek wholeness and purity of heart, is we shall see God. Seeing God is the summit of all things, the zenith of glory, the greatest experience beyond anything in all the universe. Beholding the face of the One who is the fountain, the source, the beginning of all love, goodness, and beauty is to experience the fullness of life and joy that we have always longed for.