The Gathering: Spring 2024

24 Apr - 29 May 2024
The Gathering

Our spring session of The Gathering will be starting on Wednesday, April 24, at 6:30 PM, and registration is now open. The session will run for six weeks, and the courses are listed below. 



The Case for the Psalms | Brian Brodersen and Jordan Taylor
The Character of Christ | Char Brodersen
The Fine Arts Through Church History | Alan Burner
1 Peter: God's Chosen Exiles | Thom Walker
Husbands' Discipleship | Craig Coffin
A Practical Theology of Worship | Richard Cimino and Kory Gaviria
Relational Evangelism | Bianka Mathus


Running alongside The Gathering courses, Lord, Heal My Hurts will continue through May 1. This study is for ladies who have gone through seasons of pain, loss, or hurtful situations in order to find healing in God. 

Upcoming Dates:

4/24 | Courses Begin
5/29 | Courses Conclude