Limitless Fellowship supports the families of special needs children.  Children with special needs and their families always have limits put on them, but our God spans the universe and He is limitless!  This is a ministry reaching out to families with special needs children.  To lift up those in the body of Christ and to work God's will on earth by encouraging each other through faith, praying for one another and bearing one another's burdens.  We are here to support you and to let you know you are not alone.


History & Mission:

Jeanne Willette life's work and passion has been working with families and their special needs children.   Jeanne has personally home schooled her special needs daughter for 11yrs.   She has been working in children's ministry for the past 25yrs and also been a group leader in the Calvary Chapel Private Home School ministry. Limitless Ministry's aim is to be a support for families of special needs children / disabilities or struggling learners in any way. Limitless is an extension of the Family Ministry Led by Pastor Craig Coffin. 


Jeanne Willette

Limitless Ministry
I have been married to Daric for 28yrs and we have one son and two daughters.  My life's work and passion is working with families and their special needs children. I have worked in children's ministry for the past 25 years and have home schooled my special needs daughter for 11 ye...


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