4 Apr 2018
How to Stand Strong in the Lord
1 Apr 2018
Alive Forevermore
The resurrection of Jesus secures for us forgiveness for the past, power for the present, and hope for the future. In his message titled, "Alive Forevermore" taken from Revelation 1:12-18,...
31 Mar 2018
Easter Sunrise 2018
How do we know the resurrection really happened? The historical record, eyewitness testimony and the multiple millions of transformed lives. Pastor Brian Brodersen in his Easter Sunrise message encourages us...
30 Mar 2018
Easter Good Friday 2018
It is finished! Our salvation is eternally secure. In his Good Friday Communion message, Pastor Brian Brodersen continues with the exhortation that all we need to do to be recipients of...
28 Mar 2018
The Day of Silence
Do you feel God is silent? Calvary Chapel Community Outreach pastor, Jarrett Petero, teaches a comforting and confirming message on Passion Week Wednesday titled "Day of Silence" taken from John...
25 Mar 2018
Hosanna, to the Son of David
Just as they did on Palm Sunday in Jerusalem long ago, people today are still looking for political and material salvation. Pastor Brian Brodersen, in his message, "Hosanna to the...
21 Mar 2018
We Can Trust the Bible
7 Jan 2018
Jesus & Prayer
Many things in our lives and in the world could cause us to lose heart, but instead, let’s do what Jesus said and did. Pray! In his message titled, "Jesus...
31 Dec 2017
God Rules Over the Nations
What are we guaranteed for 2018? Wars, famines, earthquakes, persecution. What does Jesus tell us in response to this? Do not be alarmed! Our guest speaker for Missions Sunday was...
24 Dec 2017
A Savior Who Was Christ the Lord
Pastor Brian Brodersen declares from Luke 2:10-11 in his Christmas Eve morning message titled, "A Savior Who was Christ the Lord," that these good tidings of great joy are for...
18 Dec 2017
Christmas: God's Great Rescue Mission
Sin is so disastrous and inescapable that the only solution was for God to come and rescue us. In his message titled, "Christmas: God's Great Rescue Mission" from Matthew 1:18-25,...
18 Oct 2017
Walking in God's Heart for the Nations
John Chubik
We may think the world is falling apart, but God is bringing people to us so He can use us to reach them. In his message titled, "Walking in...
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