Joyful Life: Our Great Creator


10 Jan 2020
All the Promises of God
22 Nov 2019
God's Unfailing Word!
15 Nov 2019
The Power of Intercession
God is calling believers to join Jesus, our great High Priest, in the deep fellowship of intercession. We talk to God on behalf of the lost, the compromised, the innocent,...
8 Nov 2019
More Precious than Gold that Perishes
Why would God allow trials and divine delays? He is developing, deepening, and drawing out our faith. We see this lived out in the life of Abraham. In her Our...
25 Oct 2019
It Begins With A Call
The life of faith begins with a call but if the voice of God is ignored, neglected, or refused, then this life of faith never begins and can never reach...
18 Oct 2019
What's In a Name
God knows we long for a name. He created us with a desire to know who we are, what our value is, and what we are to do. In her...
11 Oct 2019
The Judgment of God and Grace of God
Why was God's judgment necessary at the time of Noah? Without God's judgment man would have destroyed himself, the innocent, and all nature. In her Our Great Creator message titled,...
4 Oct 2019
The Big Lie!
What is the devil’s big lie? That fulfillment is found in doing what God says not to. In her Our Great Creator message titled, “The Great Lie” taken from Genesis...
27 Sep 2019
A God You Can Trust
Genesis tells us who God is, what He is like, what He has done, and why we can trust His good intentions for us. In her Our Great Creator message...
20 Sep 2019
Introduction to Genesis
It is in the book of Genesis that we meet God, find out who we are, why there is pain, disease, sorrow, and sickness, and how God is going to...
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