Translation Services

10 Jul - 31 Aug 2024
CCCM Teams

CCCM has several resources to enhance your learning experience during our Sunday gatherings. We offer our Sermon Notes, accessible in the CCCM App, the Listen Everywhere App, helpful for those with Bluetooth hearing aids or if you are wanting to hear the message through headphones.


Our newest resource is live language translations of our 8:30 + 11 AM Sunday gatherings through Wordly AI translation services. These translations are available in over 50 languages, including Spanish, Japanese, Vietnamese, Persian, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Taglog, and beyond.


To get started, download the CCCM App or click the Listen Live link below.


Note: These translation services are automated and have been tested for accuracy; however, they may not always capture the nuances, context, or theological intentions of the original teachings.


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