Community Life

The very nature of our God is that of community.  He is composed of three persons in harmonious relationship; the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Through faith in Christ, we can come into relationship with God (John1:12)


The primary function and purpose of the Community Life at Calvary Chapel is to help people to get more connected in the church and function as a body.  The two practical ways by which we are able to accomplish this is though community groups and serving.  

Community Groups

Community Groups consist of about ten people that meet with the goal of growing in our love for God and love for each other.  


In such a large church, one could easily come to church every Sunday and never develop deep and meaningful relationships with their brothers and sisters.  The desire for these groups is that they will help us to experience community and fellowship on a deeper level.


If you are interest in attending, leading, or hosting a small group, please access the Community Group Interest Form.  We will then be able to follow up and help you to get connected with a group that is best suited for you!


Community Group Weekly Meetings

Community Groups meet once weekly at a time specified by each community group. Typically in a group member’s home in a local city or area. Each group consists of approximately 10-15 members that live or work within the same general area or city. Meetings are usually 2 hours in length and consist of a time spent connecting over God’s Word, prayer, food and fun!

All are encouraged to come! Sign-up today to get connected with a group near you.


Hosting a Community Group 

We are looking for Community Group Hosts. If you have a PLACE to meet, PRAY for those coming, and can PARTICIPATE in leading a discussion, you are ready to start! Sign-up in the Serve section below. Please visit us at the Welcome Kiosk on a Sunday morning, or email us at for more information.

Serve Your Community

As members of the Body of Christ, we all have unique gifts, skills and abilities that are intended to be used to serve and glorify God (Romans 12:6-8). If you would like to serve with the Church Family at Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa, please complete the below volunteer application. Let us know where you may be interested in serving and you will be contacted by a ministry leader that will help get you set-up to serve within our community.


Volunteer Ministries

Areas of volunteer service include:

Assisted Living, Children’s Ministry, Joyful Handmaidens, Red Wagon Food Pantry, Released Time, Hospitality, Production Team, Church Security, Coffee Ministry, Helps Ministry, Maintenance, Men’s Prayer Watch, One Step, Welcome Team / Greeters, Special Events Team, and Ushers. 


For more information on these ministries please view our ministry listings below. 

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Long Beach Meet and Greet

If you reside in or near the Long Beach area and are interest in attending a community group, come join us for our Long Beach Community Group Meet and Greets! These meetings are being held on the remaining Sundays in August (Aug 20 & 27) during the 3rd Service (11:30am) in the Pastors Office. The Pastors Office is located right next to the Church Bookstore!

This will be a time for you to meet fellow potential Long Beach community group members and talk with our Community Life Pastor about starting a group in your area. Please visit the kiosk or email us at with any questions.

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Host a Community Group

If you have a PLACE to meet, are willing to PRAY, and can PARTICIPATE in guiding discussion, then you are perfect candidate to host a community Group! 

Come and learn more at our Community Life Host Luncheon, April 2 at 1:30pm in the Fellowship Hall.  

Potential hosts, current hosts and current leaders are encouraged to attend. For more information email

Hello Church Family!

This week’s theme is titled “Jesus and the Pharisee” taken from Pastor Char Brodersen's message on Acts 9:1-31. This message is a continuation of the “Jesus Encounters” series. Please remember to read through and meditate on the text as you prepare for your community group meetings. 


You may access last Sunday’s message via the following link.


May the Lord continue to bless you and keep you!

"When you come to church, that's not 'doing your Christian service' - it's equipping you to do your Christian service."


-Brian Brodersen