John Henry

The Word Among Us

I teach a through-the-Bible series called The Word Among Us every Thursday morning at 10 AM in the Main Sanctuary. The heart of this ministry is teaching and exhorting people in the Word of God, praying for those who need healing, and tending to the pastoral needs of the flock. The banner over this is summed up in the words of Paul in 2 Corinthians 1:24: "A helper of your joy.”Another large part of my ministry includes hospital calls, home visits, weddings, and funerals.


How have you seen God work through CCCM?

I have had the great privilege of leading many people to Christ. I have seen God’s healing hand at work in the lives of many people through the years, especially at the Thursday morning Bible study. I have seen many miracles at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, most important of all, those coming to Christ, but also many people healed, restored, blessed, strengthened, and delivered.


What was your first job? 

My first job ever in life was as a chef (Irish hotel school in conjunction with the city and guild of London exams). I worked in several hotels in Ireland. I went on from there to become a lady’s hairdresser, trained by Vidal Sassoon in London and Christians in Amsterdam. I wound up opening John Henry hair studios in Ireland, Tipperary, and Cork, became wealthy, lost it all, and He found me!!!