Colin McLean

Services & Media

I work with a team to execute the running of services, events, conferences, and meetings at the church. I also collaborate with teams that include graphics, editorial, video, and audio in order to communicate important information to the church body and CCCM staff.


How have you seen God work through CCCM?

CCCM has been a missions-minded ministry reaching countless locally and around the world. Whether it has been attending weekly studies or our various schools and colleges, men and women have been equipped to go out in answer to the Matthew 28 call to share the gospel. On a personal note, God has used this church to root me deeper in the Scriptures. The systematic, verse-by-verse teaching from the Bible has increased my biblical knowledge and transformed my faith. 


What was your first job? 

My first paid job was working as an assistant/intern at a travel agency when I was 16 years old.