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Who We Are:

We are a Bible study of young adults who seek a deeper relationship with God and a strong community with other believers. We desire to bring ALL people to the knowledge of God in a personal way and to prepare current believers, grounding them in their knowledge of God and the Bible so that they are equipped to take the gospel to their homes, colleges, workplaces, and other communities.



What We Do:

We meet at different times and places throughout the week to receive a rich and diverse understanding of God’s Word in different settings.


· RISE MAIN SERVICE: This is our main study, which consists of worship, studying God’s Word, communion, and intimate fellowship. We meet at the Charis Building on the CCCM campus at 7:30 PM.


· OPEN FORUM: This is a series of group discussions that tackle the different current events taking place in our culture and how we as Christians should respond. This is a great way for believers to take what the Bible says and use it to point people to Christ in all circumstances of modern-day life.


· RISE ON CAMPUS: This is our weekly outreach and study that takes place at local colleges and universities in Southern California. Our goal is to bring the gospel TO the college students to make a greater, lasting impact on this generation.



How To Reach Us:

Because our meeting places vary for Open Forum and RISE ON CAMPUS, it is best to stay in touch with our social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter). We can also be reached by email: RISE@cccm.com.


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