Red Wagon


Red Wagon was started by a a young couple with their little red Radio Flyer wagon. They pulled their red wagon filled with coffee, sandwiches, and the Word out onto the streets of Santa Ana, CA. This little red wagon still exists, but it has been retired for a larger red wagon which enables us to move our coffee, food and other items hadily.


Red Wagon exists as an outreach for the homeless in Santa Ana. We provide hot meals, Bible messages, and prayer for those who are struggling. We hold outreaches into Santa Ana every Monday and Thursday evening with teams prepping and cleaning before and after each outreach.


The Food Pantry is operating & open to all who have a need within the body of Christ & to the community of Santa Ana. We are open for food bags Monday's 9:00am - 11:00am & Friday's 3:00pm -5:00pm. We accept food donations from individuals, buisnesses within our community, and the Second Harvest Food bank network in OC. 


How You Can Help

We ask you to partner with us in spiritual intercession through prayers for our struggling community, church and nations. If you would like to help by volunteering your time please visit Follow the application instructions on prior to showing up to help. Lastly, we would appreciate help in provisions with donations of food, clothing, toiletries and other essentials for those in need both in the homeless community and church family. 


If you would like to donate items to the Red Wagon Ministry we could use your help collecting the list of items below needed especially for the winter months. 


Item to Donate: 

- Bibles (English or Spanish)
       - Medium or pocked sized preferred 
       - Large Print and Study Bibles 
- Christian / Ministry Books & Materials (now or used) including:
       - VHS, CD's, MP3's
       - Tracts with a Gospel message, hope, and exhortation. 
- Reading Glasses
       - Preferably 1.75 -2.00 magnification for those with poor eyesight. 
- Toiletries - Small/ travel size when possible. 
       - Hand antiseptic gels for H1 N1 (virus & influenza protection)
       - Female hygiene products
      - Shampoo / Conditioner (travel size)
       - Hand Lotions (travel size)
       - Soaps - bar or travel size liquid
       - Deodorant for men and women (travel size preferably)
      - Toothpaste & Toothbrushes
       - Mouthwash (travel size)
       - Plastic razors
       - Toilet paper / tissue paper (small packages)
       - Personal hand wipes ( small packages)
- New/ Used Clothing (All clothing should be clean and washed)
       - Dress shirts and dresses should be clean and pressed.
       - Suits (Should be dry-cleaned to help when interviewing for a job)
       - Used clothing is OK, but holes and tears cannot be repaired or used by us. 
       - New/ used jackets (we cannot use them if they have broken zippers) 
       - Knit Caps for men, women and children
       - Gloves 
       - Shoes (We will not use anything worn out, with holes, in need or repair)
       - Undergarment Items - New and modest only please.
       - T-Shirts
       - Socks (new or used in good condition, washed and clean!)
- Blankets & Sleeping Bags (New or used if clean. Dark colors if possible.)
- Backpacks or other bags with pockets
       - Baggies for carrying small storage items 
       - Gallon Zip Lock plastic bags for carrying larger items 
       - Small container trash bags for carrying clothes


2015 Christmas Party 281

Ray & Sue Peterson

Red Wagon Directors


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About Red Wagon

Watch this short film to learn more about what we do at Red Wagon Ministry



Address: 3232 W MacArthur Blvd., Santa Ana CA 92704
(In the Charis Building near the corner of MacArthur & Susan St. in Santa Ana)

Phone: (714) 979-4422

Extension: 5556

Hours: Monday - Friday
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM